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For Professionals

Welcome to Advance Care Planning (ACP) 'For Professionals'

In this section we cover the topics set out below which include information about Advance Care Planning, why it matters, and how the healthcare setting can affect the conversations you have with people about their future healthcare wishes.

Also included below is information about training available on Advance Care Planning. We encourage you to look at this section to see if you and your colleagues might benefit from completing the training suite. 

The one day workshop is an interactive, practice based workshop that equips attendees with knowledge and the ‘how to’ of advance care planning in the clinical setting.


A Brief History Of Advance Care Planning
The law of Advance Care Planning
Things to keep in mind
The ethics of advance care planning
Advance care planning in different healthcare settings
Training to do: Advance Care Planning
Watch Health Professionals Explain Advance Care Planning
Competence and Capacity
Substitute Decision Maker