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Create a Care Plan

This section will help you to think about your future health care choices and help you to write your wishes down. 

Making decisions about your future health care is called advance care planning.  It can help those closest to you to make health care decisions on your behalf if you became too unwell in the future to make decisions for yourself.



As you make your way through this section, you will be encouraged to think about a number of important things and talk about them with your family and friends. Some people find it useful to have a family member or friend help them as they go through this section.

Please take your time and seek help from your doctor(s), and / or other healthcare professionals, to help you with any decisions you might need to make.

We recommend that you use more than one source of information (e.g. your doctor, a group that can provide up to date information, e.g. Alzheimer’s Australia, information from support groups such as the Australian Lung Foundation.

In this section we provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to do advance care planning.
We recommend that you go through the steps in order. The steps are:

  1. Thinking about your past health experiences
  2. Thinking about your current health and your future medical care
  3. Planning your care (taking into account your individual situation)
  4. Choosing someone to speak for you (your substitute decision maker)
  5. Writing down your wishes
  6. Informing others of your decisions
  7. Regularly reviewing your Plan
  8. Doing advance care planning for a family member / friend